Friday, January 16, 2009

Bakula's baaaack!

Holy crap! Scott Bakula of Quantum Leap fame, is back to primetime next season as Chuck's dad in, uh, Chuck!

I watched that show last season but lost interest after the writers' strike. This, however, might be the gimmick that brings me back to the show...

I LOVED Quantum Leap! My brother and I were all about that show! That, ChiPs and Charlie's Angels (sorry for implementing you in that one, Greg, but you know it's true...) Granted, all of my memories of the show are the supersweet pool game in the intro where he had this hologram guide to sink all the balls... and his hologram friend who was always smoking a cigar. And that he often was either in a woman's body and then, hilariously in drag. He was always stopping people from committing suicide or abandoning a child or shooting someone... Funny what you remember about shows you watched when you were young.

Anyway, he was the best! (Well, after MacGyver)

Can't wait to see him back on T.V.

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