Thursday, August 26, 2010

this is awesome.

This reminds me of that scene in Who Framed Roger Rabbit where the bad guy (Dr. Whats-his-name... can't recall) gets run over by the steamroller. That was traumatic to watch as a kid. This is in no way traumatic; more peaceful and sleepy than anything. Makes me want a nap. But the flat thing is what reminded me (via SF Girl by Bay) She's been posting some ridiculously cool things lately. I love my Google Reader.

Also, I think I relate because that's how I sleep now. The cat is all up in my armpit so I'm forced to throw my arm up above my head to have some personal space. The post has some other pretty cool embroidered... items. I'm not typically one for cute or embroidered anything, but I enjoy this twisted version. I also enjoy the messed up china. I wouldn't buy one for my house or anything, I just appreciate the idea of corrupting of innocent household items.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

a rediscovered classic.

After our own fabulous, relaxing, entertaining honeymoon in Vegas, J and I have been meaning to Netflix Honeymoon in Vegas. We finally got around to watching it together Monday night (I forget how nice it is just to sit down and watch a movie sometimes...)

I adored it - we relived our honeymoon a bit which was awesome as we both are beyond ready for another vacation... In addition to the nice memories, the movie was ridiculously silly and mood-boosting.

Elvis impersonators - black, asian, kid, skydiving and others... SJP in a string of awesomely bad (verging more on just plain awesome, actually) early 90s supertight dresses. Nic Cage in my favorite version of what he does, cringe-inducing and simultaneously endearingly sweet. Vegas, Hawaii. All of these things made for particularly awesome

Pure escapist pleasure. Check it out if you're feeling like a vacation. Or a sweet soundtrack of Elvis covers.

I'm going to try to keep this going with more frequent, but short and sweet posts with whatever happens to grab my attention. We'll see how this goes :)

Another Vegas shot or two, just because:

If you ever do find yourself in Vegas, please visit the Neon Boneyard. It was so incredibly cool; deconstructed Vegas. Vegas that was. Fun contrast to see what used to be (here) compared to what is now (on the strip.)

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


I'm starting one.

Previously, I've collected Beanie Babies (not my choice; have you ever had a collection that people start for you, you receive one or two of, then others see and assume you wanted all along?) and snow globes (these are actually pretty amazing and make a quite the Christmas display).

I have admired these every time I come across them in a book store or an Anthropologie, but I never knew there were so many. Maybe some are only available in the UK? At any rate, this to me seems like the most worthwhile collection. They're classics, so I really should read the ones I haven't already anyway. And they would be so. freaking. beautiful. on a bookshelf in a fabulous living room. The day our living room is big enough for a book shelf.

Behold:Originally spotted here. Books I'd be proud to display! (Unlike the piles of chick lit that stack up on my nightstand...)