Tuesday, August 24, 2010


I'm starting one.

Previously, I've collected Beanie Babies (not my choice; have you ever had a collection that people start for you, you receive one or two of, then others see and assume you wanted all along?) and snow globes (these are actually pretty amazing and make a quite the Christmas display).

I have admired these every time I come across them in a book store or an Anthropologie, but I never knew there were so many. Maybe some are only available in the UK? At any rate, this to me seems like the most worthwhile collection. They're classics, so I really should read the ones I haven't already anyway. And they would be so. freaking. beautiful. on a bookshelf in a fabulous living room. The day our living room is big enough for a book shelf.

Behold:Originally spotted here. Books I'd be proud to display! (Unlike the piles of chick lit that stack up on my nightstand...)

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Katie said...

1) there's nothing wrong with collecting chick lit. remember, we all need a little fluff every now and then.

2) im so happy your posting again! i love your posts.

3) i collected beanie babies. and snow globes. both by choice. the former, i don't know where they are now. the latter, i look at on summer days to pretend that its cold out.

4) did i say how glad i am that you are posting again? :-)