Thursday, January 22, 2009

25 things

A friend tagged me on Facebook on Monday. I was insanely busy Monday until today, and still have lots more to do, but decided to use this to loosen up the ol' writing brain cells.

Usually this list would have been pretty comical, but this is a bit heavier than normal. Lots of stuff on my mind, I guess. This should help get me in writing mode for that scintillating piece about genomic research for cardiovascular disease that I'm about to have to write. Let's just say the subject matter of the list below is a tad more familiar.

25 things:

1. I. Forget. Everything. I would forget limbs if they weren't attached. But Michelle thinks this is because I have more important things on my mind to worry about trivial matters like wallets and keys and sunglasses.

2. I read blogs and travel alert emails during the day and become fixated on things. Currently - round-the-world airline tickets with upwards of 10 stops in exotic locales. Before that, 21c Art Hotel in Louisville, KY. look it up. (these things will happen, eventually).

3. My brother always gets the most answers right in those retarded "how well do you know your ____ (friend, sibling, significant other)" surveys. even more than my best friends and significant others.

4. I believe that people are inherently good. Resolutely. If something bad happens I still won't let that shake my faith in humanity as a whole. I think people respond favorably to me because of this.

5. I picked black baby dolls at the toy store when I was little because I thought their hair/skin was prettier than the white ones. And they always had the better color dress, even though it was usually the same outfit.

6. I typically have a pretty wicked sense of humor.

7. I worry sometimes that my spaciness makes people think that I'm not invested in them as a friend. I try to make up for this by being there in the serious crunch situations.

8. On a related note to the above, I feel sad about having lost touch with some of my oldest friends, and it makes me sad.

9. Babies and small children stare at me.

10. I smile genuinely, often. Sometimes because something's funny to me, sometimes because I know something you don't, sometimes because I'm just really happy, and sometimes because I feel like the act of smiling will make me happier. People always think I'm up to no good as a result.

11. I never used to cry at movies, but I've started within the past few years.

12. I think I am allergic to the world, because I swear there's not a time of year that I'm not sniffling and sneezing.

13. I deal with stress and sadness by going to bed. I think that this makes me less likely to take my frustrations out on innocent bystanders.

14. Losing my dad has made me that much more close to and fiercely protective of my family. One of the few things to come out of something so sad was that we have become even more tightly knit. Had to close ranks, I guess.

15. I love art, but I think a lot of it is that I love the open, spare atmosphere of the places in which art is housed.

16. I ignore everyone when I read and finish books (when I have uninterrupted time) in a matter of hours.

17. I love using all kinds of different words, from huge, SAT ones to sound-effect ones that I make up.

18. I am a recovering spaz. Just ask those who knew me in high school.

19. I can't swim under water because if I get water in my ear it goes straight to my BRAIN. Kidding... but it still sucks. What a buzzkill, not being able to swim under water.

20. I am a public relations/communications person who has an awfully hard time schmoozing people I've never met... I'm awesome at parties, but in some other social situations I am a total tard because important people intimidate me. Working on it.

21. I slid off the side of a sand dune on a four wheeler and almost died in Oregon. But I got a t-shirt for it. We didn't tell my mom until years later.

22. I love decorating my house and farting around in it with Jonathan. He is officially the best roommate I've ever had. :)

23. I've been to Norway and sailed in a fjord. My cousins even went waterskiing at 11 pm when it was still light.

24. Dancing is my favorite.

25. When I get bored, I translate everything people around me are saying into french. Keep in mind I only got to second level French in college and that was five years ago. It's hilarious in my head.

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