Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Domino Downfall

Dear Friends,

This year, I thought I was being clever. For Christmas, I shared with many of you one of the happiest things to reach my mailbox each month.

I thought, "How wonderful! I might be the person responsible for my friends receiving something inspirational, engaging and entertaining every month... something - possibly the only thing - that's not a bill!
So many of you live so far away, this would be the easiest thing to order and have delivered! I'll get them Domino Magazine - the best darn home décor/lifestyle mag out there!"

Little did I know that the whole operation would be defunct one issue after the beginning of their gift subscriptions. And my renewed subscription!

I am remaining optimistic about this rumor being just that until someone official confirms. (See my P.S.) But this particular trending topic in my Tweet Deck could very easily be true - this story details the hits shelter magazines are taking with the slumping economy. First we lost Blueprint (tear), then Oprah at Home (didn't even know about that one, honestly...). Then there are the job cuts at Southern Progress - with their publications and also the news that they are looking to sell their At Home houseware party brand. Some of us know about this one all too well, too.

This is all sad, but the loss of Domino saddens me the most. I mean, they had some style pages in their magazine, too! And a great website! Everything I saw in its pages inspired me! And they always had the best subscription gifts.

So, the point of this letter is to apologize if your Christmas present from me fails, like the rest of the global economy, this year. This was never my intention, and I am as sad as you that (if?) we won't be receiving Domino this year, or ever again.

This is more embarrassing than the time I offered to buy all of my friends gas station cappuccinos on that road trip only to realize at checkout that I'd left my wallet at home.

Friends, please forgive me the ill-fated gift of Christmas/Hanukkah 08.

I can only hope that I will be able to redeem myself next year.

Deepest Apologies,

P.S. - After posting... It's confirmed. Women's Wear Daily confirms Condé Nast closed the mag this morning.

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