Monday, March 30, 2009

Mail goggles and other life savers

This just in: Google creates idiot-proof Gmail. Love it. Too bad even though we use Gmail for work, I feed it through Entourage. Potentially even considering switching back to it's pure form 'cause these features are priceless:
  • Five second send delay - in case you spot an awkward typo or accidental.
  • "Are you sure?" reply all - so that (potentially snarky?) response intended solely for the sender doesn't reach all of those unintended recipients.
  • The ever popular "Mail Goggles" (Doesn't this sound like one of their April Fool's jokes?)
  • Facemail... corresponding photos with emails showing up in the to: line so that you don't accidentally autofill the wrong name...
  • Attachment check. I do this at least three times a week. "Hmm. Sorry - here's the attachment." And I always catch it seconds after the darn thing sends.
[...]the lawyer for Eli Lilly who wanted to e-mail her co-counsel Bradford Berenson details of a negotiation but instead sent them to Alex Berenson, a reporter for the New York Times. The result was a front-page scoop revealing that Eli Lilly was talking with the government about a billion-dollar fine for improperly marketing its anti-psychotic drug Zyprexa. (And so much for the effectiveness of those lengthy legal disclaimers at the bottom of corporate e-mails.) - from Slate
Because sometimes doing something as easy as activating "Undo Send" in Gmail Labs under Settings, and you’ll see a new “Undo” link on every sent mail confirmation. Click “Undo,” Gmail grabs the message before it’s sent and take you right back to compose. Woohoo! Check out the full post here.

Now if only they'd create similar features for Facebook...

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Katie said...

I have mail googles set up for Thursday nights after Grey's Anatomy so that in my post-MerDer drama I won't go write an emotional email to that girl who stole my boyfriend back in high school that includes the witty metaphor Meredith told me in the opening narrative.

Don't judge.