Monday, June 22, 2009

mini vacation: 21c Art Hotel

Ever since I heard about 21c on NPR during my morning commute to work last winter, I've been dying to check it out. Finally, in June, thanks to a combination of factors including J having an unheard of weekend off work and me being employed (whoo!) we're heading to Louisville (Louhvul?) Ky. for the weekend. A minibreak, if you will. And I couldn't be more excited...

Really what makes 21c different from all other hotels is it's vast private art collection, amassed by owners Laura Lee Brown and Steve Wilson. This is modern art: crazy paintings of men caressing mannequins, conceptual films with accompanying dioramas. Red penguins everywhere. Modern art, like my favorite - the Hirshhorn - oh how I would love to work there...

Our agenda for the weekend:
  • leisurely, five hour drive from Huntsville to Louhvul with a potential stop in E-Town (as Mr. Addis calls it)
  • if we can swing the work schedules, an organic wine dinner featuring french bistro food at 610 Magnolia
  • perusing the downtown Louhvul art scene, including two(!) glassblowing workshops
  • more eating, at Proof on Main, 21c's on site (and apparently fabulous) restaurant and wine bar
  • troll the Urban Bourbon Trail
  • music and dancing?
  • and brunch. no vacation is complete with out at least one brunch.
This "itinerary" should pretty much sums up my idea of a perfect vacation. Leisurely road trip, eating, eating, wine, eating, dancing, distillery tour, eating. Repeat.

Woohooo Friday!

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