Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Silver Lining: now with comments!

I hate chalking my inherent spaciness up to hair color, but sometimes I do struggle with very simple things. In my defense, I am a ridiculously good speller and communicator, and not to shabby at analyzing literature, popular and otherwise.

Ask anyone who knows me well - it's the small stuff that trips me up. Uh, like enabling comments on the blog I've been writing for the better part of six months.

Sorry about that.

But, now, with the help of Katie (guiding me through the blondness that she too understands so well) the lines of communication are open! Comment away! Criticize my taste in home d├ęcor! Differ with my political leanings! Offer advice for my next press conference (coming up on April 23, more on that later)!

Seriously, some days I suspect I need a brain transplant. I've already posted my request for a donor on Facebook and got two offers for barely used ones...

For future reference, when Blogger offers the option to embed your comments under the post, just say "no". Because apparently "embedded comments below post" actually means "hide comment field and disallow any feedback on your blog". Pop up windows all the way from now on.

More social media musings coming soon, including Rick Liebling's Periodic Table of the Social Media Elements - the grail that will help me begin to explain all of this to my colleagues.

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